Clarity Sessions

Confusion is one of the most crippling feelings we experience as human beings and we all know the longing for real clarity at different times in our lives. 

Clarity sessions serve as a winnowing net, quieting the distractions and allowing space for the true options, the wise considerations, to rise to the surface and get the attention they deserve. 

Whether you are sitting with some of life's simple questions or feel stuck in a quagmire of possibilities as you entirely reconsider your life direction, clarity sessions help.

These sessions run one hour and can happen in person in Ann Arbor MI or Philadelphia, or via video conference from anywhere in the world. They are perfectly useful, and often do the trick, as one time sessions, but they can also work as a monthly support if you are in the throes of sorting major life experiences or changes. If you are not clear about your preference or need with regard to number of sessions, a brief conversation with your chosen practitioner will help you sort this out. 

Contact ShuNahSii in Ann Arbor by emailing shunahsii(at)insacredbalance(dot)org or by calling 734-761-9148

Contact Tara in Philadelphia by emailing tara(at)insacredbalance(dot)org or by calling 734-635-7422

To learn more about the history, training or experience, of the In Sacred Balance practitioners that offer Clarity Sessions, see practitioner bios below.

Cost is 125.00 per one hour session. Scholarships are available for people of color.

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ShuNahSii Rose
Ann Arbor, MI