Components and Calendar
of Programming

The Wheel is a year-long course of spiritual education, mentorship, and community building.  It is a one year commitment that begins formally mid January, and is marked ritually on February 1st of each year. For many community members the Wheel becomes a life-long commitment and devotion, a context in which we hold a place among our people and participate in the restoration of Sacred Balance.

The Wheel currently has several regional communities of varying sizes, from three to twenty three, all across the country. For those who live in a location that does not have other Wheel members, there is a Satellite Circle option. Since we transitioned to a national model in 2011, we have given a lot of attention to the development of our Satellite infrastructure and programming. We now boast a thriving Satellite component with members all across the country.

Every month we have:

  • One in-person gathering (or video gathering for Satellite members)
  • Two community wide conference calls
  • Access to solitary rituals, meditations, and readings
  • Continued educational conversation and support on our online forum

There are two larger gatherings in the course of the year.

The first are regional gatherings that occur in the Spring: East Cast, West Coast and Midwest. All members attend one of these three regional retreats in Ann Arbor, MI, Philadelphia, PA, or Portland, OR.

In the Autumn we have our fabulous community wide gathering, the All-Wheel Grand Council, in Ann Arbor, where we are able to reconnect, celebrate, and do deep ritual magic that is made possible by the container we hold and tend together throughout the entire year.

The Wheel is open to women and non-binary people and is trans inclusive. Individuals only join the Wheel after they have gotten to know the broader In Sacred Balance community through seasonal celebrations, workshops, and classes over a period of time. At minimum, someone must complete Women's Sacred Mysteries before we enter into conversations about whether joining the Wheel may be the next right step.

Please check out all the other information we have compiled on the Wheel and then let us know if you have any questions. 

Contact: robin(at)insacredbalance(dot)org