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Descending and Dreaming

Feminist exploration of goddess archetypes goes deeper, beneath the fragmented versions of old stories that patriarchy hands us and into a deeper truth. When we look at the older versions of mythology from any number of traditions around the world, what we find are not just stories, but entire cultures that celebrated and respected women’s lives. In the mythic stories themselves, we find communion with the feminine divine and a deeply soul-nourishing reflection of who we are - regardless of gender. This goes a long way toward answering our longing for healing and wholeness in these times.

In Descending and Dreaming we will explore two mythological archetypes; Innana and Persephone. We’ll peel back the layers of time to look at the roots of their stories and what this tells us about ancient Sumerian and Greek culture. You’ll have the chance to go on a guided journey and explore what lessons and gifts are waiting for you in the darkness, the liminal seed bed of the psyche.

As with all of our In Sacred Balance Offerings, this class is trans and non-binary inclusive

This FREE class also serves as an introduction to our 7 week intensive course, Women's Sacred Mysteries. If you have been curious about In Sacred Balance or a feminist approach to exploring the sanctity of life's passages, this is the best way to find out more.

Virtual class: Tuesday, Oct. 23th, 2018

8:30-10:00pm EDT

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