Renewed reverence for the earth has never been more important. In Sacred Balance is a national, nature-based, intergenerational community that holds a commitment to centering this fact and working toward a better world, and we’ve been at it since 1990.

We seek, and work toward, restoring relations between people and the earth, and remaking the culture in order to bring an end to systems that divide communities and inflict violence on all of creation. We work to lift up and center those that these systems continue to aim harm at, some of the most vulnerable and perhaps the most necessary voices among us: the earth, the waters, first nations, people of color, plants,animals, trans folk, the children, the nurturers, healers, teachers, our elders, and our ancestors.

We are committed to doing all we can to protect these sources of vast wisdom and to restoring a culture in which even the tiniest or most marginalized members of the family of creation are respected.