Life Passage Consults
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We see it as essential to give proper honor to the changes we walk through in life. People deserve love, support, guidance, witness and blessing as we grow and meet life's twists and turns. Nature-based perspective offers a celebratory and grounded orientation to change; it prioritizes the time, tools, and traditions that allow for proper honoring of significant life passages. Our In Sacred Balance team is committed to, and experienced at, restoring the deeper spiritual dimensions of life passages. We offer a range of options, from one hour consults, to support with ceremony facilitation. We'd love to collaborate with you on creating meaningful ceremonies for you, your families, or communities.


Menarche or Coming of age

Adolescence is such a a powerful and magical time. Changing bodies correspond directly to growing awareness and profound realizations about the world. In nature-based cultures this process is acknowledged and celebrated within a context of community because it sets the tone for a life time to come. Stepping out of body shame and into body positivity, especially throwing off negative stories about the nature of menstruation, are important facets of this work. There are as many ways to honor this threshold as there are people who cross it. We have a wealth of experience and would love to support you in designing the ceremony that is right for your young one, trans and non binary inclusive.

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Transition Ceremonies

Stepping out of the gender binary and claiming authentic identity is an act of truth and power that is not celebrated by the over culture.  In fact, transgender people are often the least honored and most targeted among us. It is essential to change this and to lift our trans family up with loving community. "Transitioning" doesn't look the same for everyone, some common changes include: using different pronouns, claiming a new name, and/or undergoing physical modifications through hormone therapy or surgery. We'd love to help you create ceremonies for transgender and non-binary transitions that are responsive to your unique process.. There are as many ways to do it as there are individuals. 

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The processes, stories, and experiences surrounding the many facets of the brith mystery are vast, deep and nuanced. We are ready to hold you up, offer information from our vast reserves and experience, and help you find the right ways to take good care of such sacred passages. From ceremonies around fertility or adoption that call children into our lives, to the blessing of pregnant mamas or non-binary parents as they approach the threshold of birth, to the proper honor of the womb, the woman, the being, that has lost, or terminated a pregnancy, we are here for you.

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croning or elder passage

Patriarchy offers us only a deficit model of aging. It tells the lying story of diminishment; losing value and capacity, with each of life's passages. This story is garbage and we absolutely refute it. Nature-based tradition offers a different perspective; a perspective of cumulative beauty, value and power that our elders gather as they grow. It is part of the mending of the world to uphold and celebrate our elders within the context of community as they walk the paths ahead of us. This rite of passage is often marked by menopause with the cessation of menstruation; whether this is true for you or not, it is a complex and nuanced transition. We would love to support you in this croning transformation. 

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death-funerary rites and sacred grieving

Death is a holy passage in the life cycle and it is part of the necessary balance in the tapestry of creation. But death is maligned in the over-culture and often the only ways we have to mark it are lacking in depth and authenticity. We know that this critical passage is not without difficulty and we are committed to maintaining a reverent approach in the services we provide. We are happy to collaborate with you in the creation of funerary rites as well as rituals that hold sacred space for grieving and honoring those who have crossed this threshold.

See info on Tara Rubinstein or ShuNahSii Rose on our Practitioner Page

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