Mama's market

open houses and sales

Reimagine commerce/community; support local artists, healers, and community!


These events happen seasonally

Details for Spring Coming Soon

The origins of many contemporary Winter traditions come from our ancient, nature-based ancestors; including gift giving. While this tradition, in particular, is exploited and distorted by whack capitalism, it doesn't have to be that way. Imagine ancestors that experienced real winter, as we do here in Michigan, choosing to extend genuine generosity at a time of year when they were headed into the leanest days.

To extend this generosity in harmony with nature's rhythms is an act of faith an expression of commitment to community, and a clear embodiment of a gift economy. All of this reflective of a cultural context in which nurturance, generosity and inclusion are foundational tenets. 

In Sacred Balance’s Mama’s Market creates a sanctuary space in which there is room to slow down, take a breath and connect with the artisans and healers. All work that is featured is made by hand with loving intention and great attention to detail. Our offerings aim to promote genuine self-care, centering and proper tending of the home sanctuary, and a well-loved earth.

WHAT: We provide a respite from chaos and a return to wonder at our distinctly beautiful gathering of local artists, healers and craftspeople.

WHERE: In Sacred Balance Center 220 N. 5th Ave A2 MI 48104

WHEN: Spring Details Coming Soon

WHY: Through commitment and imagination it is our collective intention to restore a cultural climate of inclusion and generosity. Mama's Market is one way we are doing that.

WHO: We are intentionally showcasing the work of local activists, change makers, healers and artists: many of us people of color.

Jahmanna Selassie: Well Woman Products for Birthing and Beyond

Lia Rose: Original Textiles and Art

Maro Beauchamp: Graphic Arts/Handmade Journals and More

Nyah Selassie: Magical Accouterments

ShuNahSii Rose: Magical Apothecary, Libations, Luminaries & More

Zerah Hernandez: Crocheted Clothing and Herbal Wellness Products

10% of the proceeds that In Sacred Balance generates from these events goes to support Indigenous Community Efforts. (We select different projects/communities each time.)

At the In Sacred Balance Center, 220 N. 5th Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Questions? Contact us at shunahsii(at)insacredbalance(dot)org or 734-761-9148.