The Wheel of the seasons

We are super excited to offer this Monthly Magical Subscription. The subscriptions are affordable and manageable options for magical study and we want to thank you for the inspiration to bring them to life.

The Wheel of the Seasons Magical Subscription

We know (because you've told us), that many of you long for the peace and relief that comes with aligning your life more closely with the seasons. You want the fun of it. The fascinating teachings and seasonal rituals. Ways to bring your family into the groove without a huge expense or a demanding fixed schedule. Well, here it is!

This new and exciting option allows you to have a touchstone of connection with seasonal rhythms, rituals and teachings at an unbelievably affordable price, 25.00 a month, and on the terms of your schedule, whatever that may be.

This subscription will bring you a monthly offering, delivered to your inbox on each dark moon for twelve months. This offering will include a beautifully illustrated written teaching and an audio resource that centers a given spiritual practice to focus on for the month. Here’s an overview of curriculum for the year.

Spring or Season of Air (beginning with the February New Moon) will focus on the foundations of nature-based spiritual practice:

  • entering and tending of sacred space

  • guardianship and calling home of the soul

  • personal sovereignty

Summer or Season of Fire (beginning with the May New Moon) will go even deeper into lived sovereignty:

  • lover goddesses-decolonization of creative fire and sacred sexuality

  • healing with the shadow

  • moving beyond polarities to inner marriage/soulful integration

Autumn or Season of Water (beginning with the August New Moon)

  • the honorable harvest-right relationship with reciprocity

  • descending goddesses and dream work

  • trans-generational healing through ancestral communion

Winter or Season of Earth (beginning with the November New Moon)

  • the power of gratitude practice as a path of sacred activism

  • redefining personal, familial and community celebration

  • actualization- reflection on the year

At the end of the year you will have a permanent resource to refer to again and again. It will boast a visually beautiful, and magically ethical workbook AND a body of audio teachings to support your deepening practice for years to come. Seriously!

We are offering a free glimpse into the first month’s body of teachings so you can get a sense of whether it is the right fit for you:

The Wheel of the Seasons - an Exploration of Personal Sacred Space and Inner Sovereignty (audio teaching 35 minutes)

Life in Sacred Balance (visual resource)

Registration Opens for the 2020 year on January 15th, 2020

This subscription is suited to anyone in the northern hemisphere and we are happy to answer any questions you may have: robin(at)insacredbalance(dot)org