our community

We are incredibly blessed to be a national, beautiful, brave, sustained, nature-based intergenerational community that both celebrates spiritually together and works to protect the earth by dismantling systems of oppression. We see our love for the earth, our spiritual orientation, as inextricable from a commitment to social justice. We do our best to provide education, support and sanctuary that empowers people to join in this important work.

Growing grassroots community since 1990, we are a long term, rock solid, home base for many people across the country, and our longevity is a very real part of our strength. We have a core group of national community members who have been here for years or even decades, and the fact that we are a long term, spiritually motivated, politically conscious nature-based community is part of what distinguishes us. We are not a pop up village and we continue to stand the tests of time, together.

Having a long term core group of devoted community affects the depth and integrity of all of our other offerings and affords us the ability to generously welcome people with varying degrees of interest and from all walks of life. There are many people across the country who join in our celebrations and explorations of nature-based teachings and practice. These people attend classes and workshops, celebrate the seasons with us and maintain a connection through these varying levels of participation. Our broader community is also made up of an amazing caliber of people who are doing great things in the world.

There's lots to know about us if you are interested and we hope to make it easy for you to discover. Below we have curated links to various topics that we think are key to understanding more about who we are and what we do. Thank you so much for being here and we hope you find this helpful.