Our Community History

In Sacred Balance began in 1990 in the tiny home of ShuNahSii Rose, our founding mama, in Ann Arbor Michigan. ShuNahSii is a dynamic and wise teacher, and possesses a remarkable breadth of knowledge that is always growing and evolving to meet the needs of the community and the planet. Those of us who began studying with her in the early years still remember the profound revelations we experienced in those classes. What was originally a handful of women coming together to study earth's ancient spiritual traditions has now grown into a vibrant national organization with circles gathering, learning, and celebrating all across the country.

The shift to a national model was slow and organic, over decades. People who had been part of the Wheel of the Year or Diana Circle in Ann Arbor moved to new places. We looked for spiritual community in our new homes, but couldn’t find anything that approximated the depth or vibrant relationships we had felt. In particular, we longed for values and practices that honored the earth, a radically inclusive feminism, and a spiritual community that could respectfully learn from the wisdom of many global traditions while maintaining a commitment to not appropriate those cultures, current or historic. We longed for a community that didn’t include only our peers, our friends, or those most like us, we longed for a teacher like ShuNahSii, who was raised to live the teachings she shares and we longed for sustained community. One at a time, in our own ways, we asked ShuNahSii if she would consider creating a distance education program.

In Sacred Balance has grown as a natural outcome of our love and dedication to each other and to the work of restoring right relationship between humans beings, the land, and the beings with whom we live. Since 2011, new chapters of In Sacred Balance have cropped up across the country, including those that meet in person in Ann Arbor (MI), Austin (TX), Philadelphia (PA), Nashville (TN), Portland (OR) Waterbury (VT), and a vibrant chapter of Satellite members that meet virtually from wherever they are. Our leadership model has evolved in response. We now have a leadership team, comprised of long-standing community members, that are teaching, supporting local chapters, and providing assistance for the deepening and ongoing care of our community. In 2015 we launched our Feminist Leadership Training Program, for devoted members of the Wheel of the Year, who have a significant period time with us to help them deepen their education in spiritual service.