practitioners and teachers

In Sacred Balance offers a range of teachers and practitioners that have a deep and long term relationship with the community. We are grateful to work, and to provide our various services within the context and container of sound community. While many of us have individual specialties or areas of expertise, we continue to turn to each other and work together, as a team so that the whole of what we have to give is far greater than the sum of its parts.  We all maintain a commitment to our own ongoing education and a path of feminist, spiritual leadership, so that we can provide excellent education and supportive services. We are grateful for the opportunity to support you in your evolutionary process.

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ShuNahSii Rose- all Solo and LIFE passage sessions

Hello! I am ShuNahSii Rose, the founding mama of In Sacred Balance. I am a mother two grown, beautiful, dynamic, daughters and the grandmother to two amazing, free spirited, little girls. My pronouns are she, her and hers.

I was raised in a family that practiced nature-based spirituality and modeled social justice awareness. In addition to the spiritual and political foundation that my family laid for me, I began a long period of intensive training in 1979 with a wide range of teachers, both in the classroom and in the field. I continue to train and evolve as a teacher and spiritual ally to this day; maintaining an intentional balance of feminism and nature-based wisdom is inherent to my path and unique in my field. I began my service as an educator, healer, ritual artist, writer and community organizer, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in1990 and In Sacred Balance is the heartbeat of my life's work. Contact: shunahsii(at)insacredbalance(dot)org.


Jahmanna Selassie- Birth related sessions and Ceremonies

Greetings, I am Jahmanna Selassie, mother of 7 children, sister to many, a midwife, and a healer. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I prefer to be addressed as ‘she'. My relationship with the ISB community started as a Diana Girl back in 1998, just about the same time my heart and hands were open to the call of midwifery/birth work. My studies included a six year lay midwifery apprenticeship and 3 years at Birthwise Midwifery School. I have attended over 150 births. I am the cofounder of Mosaic Midwifery Collective, a group of three black midwives, whose mission is to educate and support the reclamation of black birth here in Michigan and to preserve and restore the legacy of the black community midwife. I am also the vice president of the National Black Student Midwives Association; our mission is to tell our stories, and continue to be our solutions to the health disparities of black babies and women.  Upon returning to Ann Arbor I reconnected with the ISB community in 2014. The radical healing and continuous, deliberate work toward decolonization of our minds and hearts is what keeps nourishing me. This redefinition of what family and community is and can be nourishes my sense of hope. Contact: wadadamama(at)gmail(dot)com.


Maro Beauchamp- Transition Sessions

Hi! My name is Maro and I'm a member of the In Sacred Balance leadership team. I'm currently based in the Ann Arbor chapter as of 2018, originally having been with the Philadelphia chapter since 2013. I'm Japanese-white, queer, and non-binary. My pronouns are they, them and their.

While in Philadelphia, I was involved with The Bryson Institute as a youth panelist in their educational trainings, sharing my story as a transgender person of color in college classrooms and professional workshops. In 2012, I received the ""Out" Standing Youth Award" from The Attic Youth Center for supporting their work with Philly's LGBTQ+ youth population. Now that I'm in Ann Arbor, I'm beginning a new chapter in my intensive training by apprenticing under ShuNahSii Rose as well as offering Transition Sessions in collaboration with her.  Contact: maro.beauchamp(at)gmail(dot)com.