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Seasonal Celebrations

One of the most important and joyful parts of an earth-honoring way of life is taking the time to acknowledge and honor the turning of the seasons. Each season brings its own power and gifts, and by pausing to celebrate these gifts we learn to pay closer attention all year long to the beauty and wonder the earth offers us. At In Sacred Balance we choose the Solstices-- the longest and shortest days of the year-- as a time to gather with our broader community and celebrate the distinct beauty of these turning points.

Summer and Winter Solstice family friendly celebrations happen in several cities across the country, and are an easy way to hang out with us for a little while, see how our community rolls and get a healthy dose of connection to carry you through the seasons with joy. Summer Solstice is one of our FREE offerings.


Free Offerings
Audio Teachings and DIY Ritual Outlines


Summer Solstice
A Free Family Friendly Celebration

Mama's Market
Seasonal Open Houses and Sales

Winter Solstice
A Family Friendly Celebration