Soul Healing and Reclamation Session


Soul Healing and Reclamation Session


In order to best understand what Soul Healing sessions have to offer it is helpful to first have a basic understanding of what constitutes wellbeing from a nature-based world view.

In a sane context wellness is about being centered in our own distinct beauty and power and expressing our authenticity in the world as a meaningful service to all of creation. Human beings hold innate longing for this experience. 

The modern West has a skewed perspective on power that has to do with dominance, might, and control. Reclaiming an ancient perspective on power is essential. In order for true healing to happen, and last, we have to understand the goal of this work from a perspective that makes sense.

From a nature-based perspective, power is about vibrancy, it is about being truly filled with our own souls and having a clear, direct relationship with our instinct that allows us to navigate our lives intuitively, with excellent results. In the context of a culture that at least insists we regularly abandon our true selves to meet the demands of a violent pace, and at worst provides an unrelenting onslaught of horrifying news and/or life experience, it is common for our souls to fragment, go into paralysis, or simply split the scene. There is an empty, hollow, distracted, often despairing, and disconnected feeling that accompanies this experience of soul loss that is all too familiar in modern times, but it doesn't have to stay this way.

Soul Healing and Reclamation is possible, even in these trying times, and it has the power to not only improve individual lives, your life, but to help bring about healing on a global level. The earth has a soul too and she longs for life In Sacred Balance; willingly engaging in vibrant relationship with your own soul has a very real impact on the well-being of the planet and the future. 


It is possible, in some instances, to have a single one hour Soul Healing session (with ensuing homework for you to follow through with), that will be enough to help you make the necessary shifts that wake up, or welcome home, your vibrant soul.

It is more likely that three one hour sessions (usually spread out over the course of three months), will be necessary in order to do this deep work. The three sessions are: an Initial Diagnostic, a Soul Calling/Mending session, and a Closing of the Circle follow-up to be sure that the work is rooting deeply in your psyche and your life. All sessions include personal follow up work, suggested resources, and practices for you to engage in order to bring about lasting change.

If you are not clear about your preference or need with regard to the number of sessions, a brief conversation will easily sort out the best case scenario for you.

Contact me by emailing shunahsii(at)insacredbalance(dot)org or calling 734-761-9148. 

Sessions can happen in person (best case scenario), in Ann Arbor MI, or via video conference from anywhere. 

To learn more about me, my history, training or experience, see my practitioner bio below. If you are interested, here are the longer stories on my spiritual upbringing and my lineage of teachers.

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