Ancestral-Transgenerational Healing Session


Ancestral-Transgenerational Healing Session


Acknowledgment of ongoing relationship with our ancestors is core to nature-based traditions and worldview.  Ironically, we did not materialize on the planet out of nowhere and we do not exist in a vacuum. We exist in the continuum of our people, our histories and the history of the earth. And while human beings have an ancient historythat is a far older and longer lasting legacy of peaceful co-existence with the rest of creation, we have been warring and in turmoil for far too long for our lineages to be unaffected. Our ancestors bore the brunt of this, and many of them did not go to their graves with free or peaceful hearts. When cultural contexts are decimated and people are under siege, or separated from their lands, it is difficult or even impossible to do the rituals that keep things clean and clear. I have yet to meet the person whose ancestors or lineages are just "all good". 

There is immense power in turning to face our ancestors: developing awareness and relationship, offering healing, setting boundaries and ultimately restoring profound sources of strength and practical guidance. Restoration of respectful relationship with our ancestors is a major factor in the planetary healing that is called for in our times. 


It is possible, in some instances, to have a single one hour Ancestral Healing session (with ensuing homework for you to follow through with), that will be enough to help you make the necessary shifts that wake up, or welcome a vibrant relationship with your ancestors.

It is more likely that three one hour sessions (usually spread out over the course of three months), will be necessary in order to do this deep work. The three sessions are: an Initial Deep Listening or Diagnostic, a Mending/Tending session, and a Closing of the Circle follow-up to be sure that the work is rooting deeply in your psyche and your life. All sessions include personal follow up work, suggested resources, and practices for you to engage in order to bring about lasting change.

If you are not clear about your preference or need with regard to the number of sessions, a brief conversation will easily sort out the best case scenario for you.

Contact me by emailing shunahsii(at)insacredbalance(dot)org or calling 734-761-9148. 

Sessions can happen in person (best case scenario), in Ann Arbor MI, or via video conference from anywhere. 

To learn more about me, my history, training or experience, see my practitioner bio below. If you are interested, here are the longer stories on my spiritual upbringing and my lineage of teachers.

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