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Solo Sessions

We offer a range of options for solo sessions. Ultimately they are designed to support individuals with deep healing, soul level restoration and alignment with core values. When we approach personal healing and/or a desire to remake our lives in order for them to more fully reflect our dreams, hopes, and purposeful contributions, it is important to acknowledge that our lives play out in a context that is an interconnected web of life. Without this basic first step it is impossible to sort out what we need or where we will find that often elusive sense of belonging. Our woundings and our healing happen within a context: the context of the over culture, the context of our families and relationships, the context of our chosen communities, the context of our environment and the land we live on, the context of our lineages. These facets of context shape our experiences and our journeys and we must examine the impact they have on us if we are to get clear about life choices, or life paths, that will bring us fulfillment and the joy of a purposeful life. Our Sessions also help people to celebrate important life passages and/or changes.

Sessions can happen in person in Ann Arbor or Philly or via video conferencing from anywhere. To learn more about the history, training or experience, of our practitioners see bios below.



Clarity Sessions

Soul Healing and Reclamation

Ancestral-Transgenerational Healing

Life Passage Consults or Ceremonies


Maro Beauchamp
Ann Arbor, MI

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ShuNahSii Rose
Ann Arbor, MI


Jahmanna Selassie
Ann Arbor, MI