Ways to Connect

Tiers of Participation

We offer a wide range of ways to connect with us and our work that make it easy and convenient to get a sense of who we are and what we have to offer. Whether you are simply looking for seasonal songs to share with your children, an inspiring story from time to time, an intro to nature-based practice, or life long community that maintains a commitment to social and environmental justice, you'll find offerings (listed in order of depth of commitment) to suit your needs below, and a bunch of them are FREE.

All of our offerings are trans and non-binary inclusive and scholarships are available to people of color.


The In Sacred Balance Council Fire, our monthly newsworthy letter, will help you stay connected, and aware of what we're up to all across the county, from anywhere in the world. 


Free audio teachings, DIY ritual outlines, and even a few original songs, are virtual offerings that you can experience, and share with others, from wherever you are on the planet. They offer an exploration of nature-based teachings that help you celebrate, and align with, the rhythms of the natural world. Note: our seasonal offerings adhere to the light/seasonal cycles as we experience them in the Northern hemisphere. For those of you down under, just flip them upside down and that should do the trick.


Our magical subscription service will bring you a monthly offering, delivered to your inbox on each dark moon for twelve months. This offering will include a beautifully illustrated written teaching and an audio resource that centers a given spiritual practice to focus on for the month.


Summer and Winter Solstice Seasonal Celebrations happen in several cities across the country, and are an easy way to hang out with us for a little while, see how our community rolls and get a healthy dose of connection to carry you through the seasons with joy. And Summer Solstice is one of our FREE offerings.


Solo Sessions are one hour long, they are easy to schedule, and they are a great way to get capable spiritual help moving through significant life passages, questions, or changes. They are available in person in Ann Arbor MI, or Philly, or via video conference from anywhere. The sessions also help you get a sense of some of the members of our national leadership team and this is a great way to develop relationship over time, particularly if you are considering our long term community; The Wheel of the Year. (see below)


Life Passages - People need love, support, guidance, witness and blessing as we grow and face life's twists and turns. Nature-based perspective offers a much more sane and grounded orientation to change; it prioritizes the time, and the development of tools and traditions that give proper honor to significant life passages.We offer a range of ways to collaborate on creating meaningful ceremonies for you, your family or community, in modern context, with integrity and with a strong commitment to not appropriate anyone else's culture or traditions.


Our Youth Programming provides a context for kids and teens in today’s world to connect with the wisdom of earth-honoring traditions that helps to strengthen their relationship with their own intuition, authentic longings, innate wisdom and inherent value. For decades we have provided ongoing support, education, and community for girls in the coming-of-age years and beyond. This year we are also working to start pilot programming supporting boys to explore their gifts, emotions and identities.


Check out our full range of offerings organized by season: