what is radical inclusion?


At In Sacred Balance we believe in the power of sustained, inclusive community that encompasses all of creation to bring about a better world.  For us radical inclusion is not simply about welcoming people with varied life experiences into our programming and community, it is about actively centering this culture's most marginalized voices in everything that we do and working so that these voices shape us from the inside out. 

In our most intimate and sustained community, we embody inclusion in many ways; our range of ages is 18-70, we have a vibrant and diverse queer population, strong and growing trans membership, neurodiverse members, responsiveness to diverse class/socioeconomic realities, long standing members of color (in leadership and in certain local circles), and people of many different spiritual backgrounds. There is always room for improvement and it is important to us to continue to learn to be better at welcoming, and centering, a truly inclusive community. We are making genuine effort to remake the culture from the inside out. For us radical inclusion means that we each become conscious of, and accountable for, the ways we experience unearned privilege in the over culture: the ways that ease, resource, or inclusion is extended to us that supports systems of violence and inequity. We are working to actively dismantle these systems and ideas, yes in the world, but also within our own communities and our own selves. So we work to educate and help our members who are white, cisgender, straight, able-bodied, neurotypical, or with class privilege understand it as their job to stretch outside of their comfort zones, learn challenging lessons, and disrupt the cycles of harm that are perpetuated in the larger culture so that our community can be a place of sanctuary for all of our members. We make every effort to listen deeply to each other across culturally created and enforced lines and to build genuine bridges of respect and inclusion that allows us to cohere around our most important collective commitments: restoring reverence for the earth and remaking the culture.

Radical inclusion also means that we center more than just the human voices: we recognize the sanctity of the plants, animals, mountains, rivers, winds, oceans and ancestors. We honor the world of Spirit and the natural world as essential guiding voices, teachers as we do the very real work that is before us of protecting the earth and restoring Sacred Balance. Through our activism and our teachings, we challenge the disconnect of the modern West that leads to the destructive appropriation of indigenous cultures and traditions. Helping people remember paths of reconnection with their own ancestors and their ancient traditions allows all of us to respect the traditions that are not ours to take, claim our ancient legacies as People of the Earth and rise to responsibility to protect this planet and all of creation.