why sustained community?

Life is a process and it is natural for that process to unfold within a context of support. In our modern state of habituated distraction and incessant busyness, human beings often forget, but that doesn't make it any less of a fact that we are are pack animals. Without authentic community, community that agrees to common and sane principles, there will always be some part of us that is subconsciously in a state of unrest or disrepair. We long to belong and to contribute meaningfully.

Sustained community is MAGIC! It is a phenomenon that has a mending impact on the world and the human soul and psyche. A safe context allows human beings the space to come into alignment with what the planet needs from us now: compassion, conviction and real change. Proper context can give us the strength and the tools we need to rise up and take our place in the necessary Healing Revolution of our times. Solid community both holds us up and holds us accountable. In an over culture that is in state of perpetual disconnect, this level visibility, and the basic expectation of authenticity provides deep relief.

The Wheel is not a pop up village. It is a profound commitment on the part of every single participant: a commitment with incredible return on investment. While many of us know from experience that, in the care of the right guides, "pop up villages", weekend workshops and the like, can provide space for real healing and change, the Wheel maintains a commitment to a context in which our actual lives can unfold. 

In Sacred Balance has been doing what we do and working to build intergenerational community since 1990. We began small in Ann Arbor MI and hung in with local grass roots celebrations and activism until we were bursting at the seams and the need to grow was obvious. In 2010 we took the leap and planted the seedling of a national organization. We now have beautiful, intimate circles of sisters and sibs all across the country. Our core, committed national community currently ranges in age from 14 to 70 years and we are comprised of a wide variety of faith backgrounds, spiritual and gender orientations, professional paths and commitments to activism.

Many of us have grown up here, over decades, and remained connected because the Wheel, as a backbone program of In Sacred Balance, offers both depth and continuity. We age together, face births and deaths together, change together, actualize dreams together and collectively we reimagine and sustain a culture in which a common agreement to sound principles allows us to go deep and stay strong.