An introduction to nature-based, feminist, teachings on any of the classes or consults we offer are beautifully suited to a weekend intensive workshop format.

We'll offer a list of these topics below, please feel free to click on the hyperlinks for more info on any of them or contact us with questions.

Contact: robin(at)insacredbalance(dot)org

Upcoming workshops

Parent Workshops and Resources - Parents are so important in these rites of passage years. How we talk to our kids NOW sets the stage for trust and communication in the years to come. Tara Rubinstein and ShuNahSii Rose will be offering a series of virtual and in person workshops for parents including:

  • Dads Represent! - Sunday, March 31st, 2:00 - 4:00pm, West Philadelphia, $40 - $60

This in-person workshop focuses on dads and how they can play a supportive role when a girl gets her period. While the emphasis is on awesome dad-ing, moms and other significant family members are encouraged to attend. Families with no dad are also welcome. When a girl is coming of age, she needs her whole family to be her team. We’ll talk about how to make that happen.


Life Passages

  • Coming of Age - Menarche and Beyond

  • Birth: blessings, adoptions, grieving/honoring miscarriage or pregnancy termination

  • Croning or Entry into the Elder Years

  • Death and the Role of Sacred Grieving

Women’s Sacred Mysteries

While we address some of the rites of passage inherent to Women's Sacred Mysteries in the Life Passage offerings, it is a distinctly powerful experience to explore this body of teachings as a whole; from the initial passage of menarche/coming of age, to the final passage of death. Nobody comes out of this exploration unchanged.

Intro to Nature-Based Practice 

This body of teachings relates to the elemental wheel of the seasons, supports participants in the development of shamanic or spiritual alliances, and clarification of right relationship with soul's purpose. A weekend intensive could either combine all three of these topics or focus exclusively on one.

Magical and Medicinal Community Herbalism 

This is a dynamic offering that centers on strengthening relationships with the magical and medicinal properties of plants. This is an opportunity to explore a super fun, sensual, hands-on range of herbal teachings and preparations related to the seasons.